Somewhere in a parallel universe to mine someone is dreaming of a dusty plain. I look out from mine and see the dead on the ground, victims of too much infighting. When faced with an enemy, we turned on each other. I am left standing with my few trusted team members: I’ve somehow managed to not buy into the “point fingers at who I’m willing to have exterminated in order to protect myself” management mantra, and my worthy sergeants and foot soldiers are still standing. But I can feel them drifting away … not abandoning me, just trying to find safer places to hide.

Then from a distance a column of dust rises into the air. As it gets closer, I realize what is approaching me is the most feared mobile metal object of all times: a clown car. Contained within the Herbie the Wonderbug exterior is a carnival of horrors: twenty four developers in Juggalo clown paint.

The car pulls up in front of me. The door opens. I am dragged inside, kicking and screaming, into the swirling madness of the clown programmers.

They want one thing and one thing only. They want me to test their code. Because, you see, you CAN test quality in if you shove hard enough.