I saw an unusual form of magic yesterday. I’m convinced we’re using entirely new routes to connect to the alternate, hostile consciousnesses that surround our universe.

There’d been a flurry of emails going back and forth. “Let’s do this Unnamed Thing, we need the Unnamed Thing, we must immediately have the Unnamed Thing.” They refused to name the Thing and they wanted me to agree to it immediately. My greater minion said, “Nay!” until I could return and say, “Twice nay!” and yet the emails continued to fly as if we had not responded.

Then, as I sat at my desk, three people came marching toward me, after the point when I normally should have left for the day. I felt like Princess Leia hiding in her cell when Grand Moff Tarkin, Vader, and the little floatie robot came toward her. I was summarily hauled off and dropped into a meeting room.

Suddenly the red haired guy with the manic expression started re-expressing the content of all of the emails on a white board. He swooped the dry erase marker UP and he swooped it DOWN and he added little numbers … and suddenly I was saying, yes, yes, The Unnamed Thing, we shall have the Unnamed thing (even though I did try to get the project manager to name the unnamed thing, which she cleverly avoided doing).

As I walked out of the room in a daze, I realize I’d been hit by a more powerful spell than I’d had the ability to stand against. Some combination of the mystic figures and the powerful glamour visible in the glinting eyes of the man wielding the marker had worked together to break down my will.

I do believe I was hexed. I just hadn’t realized you could use a white board as part of this kind of spell before. Damn! Where’s a wookie when you need him?