The last two days have been very interesting.

It’s supposedly “training time.” I asked what the developers are learning to summon. Apparently it is a M00SE.

I asked what the value of M00SE is. “It means we use things that other people have made, and that will make things safer!” said a cheerful man with a Cockney accent.

“But how do we know we can trust the work of the people who made these things in the first place?” I asked.

I got blank looks.

“Well, many people have used them already …”

I envisioned a summoning of a greater demon done by 13 of our rather underschooled developers, all convinced that it was “safer” now that they had outsourced the creation of the wards of power to protect them. Hilarity resulted. I’ll keep building my own charms and trust what I’ve done myself, thanks.

Later in the afternoon I peeked into the glass doors of the conference room. Everyone was in their black robes, holding hands and chanting. A wave of smoke filled the room and a PowerPoint presentation was on the back wall showing the words of power. I was pretty sure I saw a spelling error.

Above the smoke, odd shape horns began to appear … followed by a black head with a snuffly nose … with red eyes.

Later in the day the beast made connection to our data center via the Fat Pipe and everyone in the upper reaches of the office began to lose their ability to do work. Meanwhile, I was sure I saw members of the SysOps team being tossed around on strange, flat horns while a deep bellowing came from downstairs.

Today things mostly seemed back to normal. The developers returned and the blue haze filled the room today. But then, around 1 PM, I went downstairs and there was nothing but the smell of disinfectant.

My suspicion is that a data cleansing got out of control and the M00SE was sucked back into its home dimension, taking all of the developers with it. But I’ve been known to be overly suspicious. At least a few of them ought to be able to battle their way back.

LATER: they seem to mostly have returned, but there is something strange about the way they’re dressed and their facial expressions. Are these actually duplicates of the original developers? Maybe someone got overly enthusiastic with a “restore all” command …