I was just asked about adding “just one more change” into a patch we’re releasing. It’s a dictionary. Imagine, if you will, translating Crowley++ into FAE. Supposedly it all comes out looking the same. My team isn’t normally involved in testing it. But still, we haven’t updated in a long time, and the last six months of new features don’t work in FAE.

I have my suspicions. I ask the person who wants me to accept it into the patch (minimum testing) what the effects might be if anything goes wrong.

“The universe collapses.”

Well, if madness and demonic possession aren’t on the list, I suppose that’s not too bad, then.

I approved it.

(Crowley++: based on the original teachings of THeLEma, but extended into both genders and with multi-universe support. FAE: based on the original English earth magic, works best if you have fairy blood. Best practiced by people with degrees from Northern universities, or Scandinavia. Underlying software for all Nokia products. Occasionally causes natural disasters, I.E. the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, but that was caused by a banking team in the city and not us.)