You release new “code” and 30 companies call to complain that demons are now flying around their offices, shitting on their desks, randomizing all of the data in accounting, and RickRolling everyone’s screen savers.

You were given three days to test it or we would be “late.” You extracted a succubus and 20 imps but then just had to stop work. The developers knew about the imps, anyway.

The customers want it fast and the customers want it now. No one wants to tell them no. And then when they get it, they aren’t happy.

You complain to the Ruler of All Things that maybe, just maybe, there were some problems in the code. Ignorance of basic heiromantic principles, improper implementation of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, weak unit testing, you don’t know. The response? “There’s no solid proof that anything has gone wrong in development.”

And if your spirits aren’t broken enough, the cutest developer in the company comes in with his new girlfriend. It’s that succubus that was buried deep in the user registration code, but it still hurts.

Yeah, it’s been that kind of a day.