It all came as a surprise to me – I was a simple software tester, looking for a chance to make the world a slightly better place through careful exercise of my craft. But when I’d signed the contract and the doors had closed behind me, I realized, slowly, that I was no longer in the normal world of software creation. I’d slipped into a world where insanity lay around every corner, where chaos ruled, where tiny groups of desperate people tried to fight off the madness attempting to swamp us with greater or lesser success.  I hoped merely to apply best practice and take an ISTQB certification to its greatest possible successes. Instead I found myself lost in a morass built by years of carelessness and an utter disregard for personal safety. Will any of us escape with our souls intact? For further updates,  check in regularly for my updates from the H.P. Lovecraft Institute for Software Design … where inadvertently summoning the Old Ones seems to be more of a possibility every day.